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Mumps and the National Hockey League

We live at a time when we don’t often hear about outbreaks of mumps, but recently, this vaccine-preventable disease has been in the news because several players from the National Hockey League (NHL) have been diagnosed with mumps. Indeed, players from at least five NHL teams have recently had mumps, and the hope is that the outbreak will soon wane. Some teams have offered booster doses of the vaccine.

When vaccine-preventable diseases are in the news because public figures have them, it is attention grabbing, and, therefore, provides a unique opportunity to discuss the disease. So, what should people know about mumps?

Outbreaks of mumps have also occurred on four college campuses this year: Ohio State, Fordham, U of Wisconsin, Madison campus and U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign campus.

For additional information about mumps outbreaks, see these resources:

For additional information about mumps or the MMR vaccine, check these resources:


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