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Human papillomavirus (HPV) infects men and women.

Every year in the United States about 10,000 women develop cervical cancer and 4,000 die from the disease. These women are wives, moms, daughters, sisters and friends.

HPV has also been linked to genital warts, anal, penile and throat cancers in men. Each year about one-third of cancers caused by HPV occur in males. These men are husbands, dads, sons, brothers and friends.

Why take a chance? Vaccinate today for life-long protection.

Learn about HPV and and the HPV Vaccine

Videos about HPV and the vaccine

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Paul Offit, MD: Dr. Paul Offit, Director of the Vaccine Education Center at CHOP, talks about the importance of the HPV vaccine for girls and boys.

A Father’s Perspective: Learn how a family history of cervical cancer made the decision for Howard to get his daughter, Lauren, vaccinated against HPV.

Patrice and Cameron: Patrice talks about the importance of getting the HPV vaccine for her 14-year-old son, Cameron.

Kim and Her Family: Kim and her family share their perspective about preventing HPV. Learn why Brendan and Emilie chose to get the HPV vaccine.

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HPV Information

"HPV: What you should know" Q&A sheet:
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HPV Vaccine for Boys and Young Men:
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Should You Get the HPV Vaccine?

Dr. Mike Evans from St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Canada, presents the facts about HPV and the HPV vaccine in a simple way to help people make their own decisions about getting the HPV vaccine.

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