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Presentations and Interviews

Dr. Offit and other doctors and scientists in the Vaccine Education Center are frequently invited to speak around the country and to the media about vaccine-related issues. This page is a collection of some of these presentations and interviews.


Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane – Dr. Offit
WHYY Public Radio, March 19, 2015

The Me in Measles – Dr. Offit
Big Picture Science Radio Show, March 1, 2015

Keeping the Faith in Vaccines – Dr. Feemster
County Lines Magazine, February 26, 2015

The Measles Tipping Point: Too Many Unvaccinated Children – Dr. Offit
Medscape, February 23, 2015

HPV9 Vaccine: Enhanced Cancer Protection, Guidance for Use – Dr. Offit
Medscape, Jan. 12, 2015


The Hygiene Hypothesis – Unrelated to Vaccination – Dr. Offit
Medscape, Dec. 26, 2014

The Resurgence of Childhood Diseases in Adults – Dr. Offit
Wall Street Journal, Dec. 15, 2014

Serogroup B Meningococcal Vaccine: Who Should Get It? – Dr. Offit
Medscape Infectious Diseases, Nov. 19, 2014

Doctors learn to push back, gently, against anti-vaccination movement – Dr. Offit
Los Angeles Times, Oct. 31, 2014

HPV Vaccine: It’s About Cancer Prevention – Not Sex – Dr. Offit
Medscape Infectious Diseases, Sept.12, 2014

Spacing out kids’ vaccines can hurt their health, experts say – Dr. Smith
Time, July 16, 2014

Vaccine Crusader – Dr. Offit
BioCentury: This Week, June 22, 2014

Measles Outbreaks in the US: Why Now? – Dr. Offit
Medscape Infectious Diseases, June 10, 2014

An Outbreak of Liberal Idiocy – Dr. Offit
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, June 2, 2014

Let’s put a stop to parents opting out of vaccinations for their kids – Dr. Feemster
The Pulse Commentary, May 1, 2014

The Colbert Report - Preventable Diseases on the Rise – Dr. Offit
April 28, 2014

What is the Invisible Threat? – Dr. Offit
Medscape Infectious Diseases, April 18, 2014

To Vaccinate or Not: Calming Worried Parents - Dr. Offit
Medscape Close-Up with Art Caplan, April 10, 2014


Cancer and the Power of Placebo - Dr. Offit
Medscape Oncology Viewpoints, December 13, 2013

HPV Vaccine, Katie, Cancer Prevention: Missing the Science - Dr. Offit
Medscape Infectious Diseases, December 13, 2013

Whooping Cough… It’s More Than a Cough – Dr. Feemster
Second Opinion, Nov. 6 2013

Hospital Says No More Dietary Supplements in Formulary – Dr. Offit
Mescape Infectious Diseases, October 22, 2013

Do You Believe in Magic? Topol, Offit on Alternative Medicine – Dr. Offit
Medscape One-on-One, October 2, 2013

Stop swallowing vitamins and the claims about their effects, doctors urge – Dr. Offit
The Daily Circuit, Minnesota Public Radio, August 13, 2013

A Conversation about Alternative Medicine – Dr. Offit
WHYY Radio Times, July 24, 2013

Is Alternative Medicine Really ‘Medicine’? – Dr. Offit
WHYY Science Friday, July 5, 2013

Mind Over Matter: Debunking Alternative Medicines – Review of Dr. Offit’s book, Do You Believe in Magic?
New York Times, July 1, 2013

Doctor: Absolutely avoid megavitamins – Dr. Offit
CNN, Sanjay Gupta MD, June 19, 2013

Should refusing medical care for children be considered neglect? – Dr. Offit
WHYY Radio Times, May 14, 2013

Immunizing Kids who Have Cancer – Dr. Reilly
Medscape Infectious Diseases, April 29, 2013

Multiple Vaccines Safe, Not Linked to Autism – Dr. Offit
Medscape Infectious Diseases, April 12, 2013

Measles: Make MMR Jab Mandatory' Call by US Expert – Dr. Offit
BBC News, April 9, 2013

Pertactin and Vaccines: Important or Not? – Dr. Offit
Medscape Infectious Diseases, March 15, 2013

Flu in Kids with Cancer – Dr. Reilly
Medscape Infectious Diseases, March 4, 2013

Vaccines Schedules Are Safe (Pass It On) – Dr. Offit
Medscape Infectious Diseases, February 1, 2013

Influenza in Kids: Should You Test? - Dr. Feemster
Medscape Infectious Diseases, February 19, 2013


Thimerosal in Vaccines: What are the Facts?
Medscape Infectious Diseases, December 28, 2012

Dismal Rates of HPV Vaccination in Boys
Medscape Infectious Diseases, Dec 13, 2012

Vaccine Exemptions? Call Them What They Really Are
Medscape Infectious Diseases, August 10, 2012

What the US Needs Now: Pertussis Boosters
Medscape Infectious Diseases, August 2, 2012

Which Complementary and Alternative Therapies Merit Study?
Medscape Infectious Diseases, May 17, 2012

Fire Patients Who Won't Vaccinate?
Mescape Infectious Diseases, Mar. 16, 2012

HPV Vaccine and Sexual Activity: Any Relationship?
Medscape Infectious Diseases, Jan. 17, 2012


Immunization: A Dose of Reality
Florida Bureau of Immunization, Fall 2011

Immunization in Teens: Good News, Bad News
Medscape Infectious Diseases, Oct. 7, 2011

"Contagion," the Movie: An Expert Medical Review
Medscape Infectious Diseases, Sept. 13, 2011

Influenza Vaccine: Guidelines for Those With Egg Allergy
Medscape Infectious Diseases, Sept. 8, 2011

Does Varicella Vaccine Eliminate Deaths From Varicella?
Medscape Infectious Diseases, Aug. 8, 2011

Interviews with Dr. Offit:

Paul Offit on the Dangers of the Anti-Vaccine Movement
Medscape One-on-One, April 27, 2011

Vaccine safety - Live chat with Trine Tsouderos
Chicago Tribune, March 22, 2011

Should the HPV Vaccine Be Recommended for Boys and Young Men?
Medscape Infectious Diseases, March 18, 2011

Interview with Paul Offit, MD, author of "Deadly Choices" and Seth Mnookin, author of "The Panic Virus"
No Bones About It, Mar. 8, 2011

The Colbert Report - Importance of vaccines
Jan. 31, 2011

Autism and the MMR Vaccine, Revisited
Medscape Infectious Diseases, Jan. 2011

Science in One Room, Homeopathy in the Next
Medscape Infectious Diseases, Jan. 2011

Two New Books Challenge Myths, Fears About Vaccines
USA Today, Jan. 2011


Meningococcal Vaccine Booster: New Recommendations
Medscape Infectious Diseases, Nov. 2010

The Pertussis Outbreak in California and the Need for Vaccination
Medscape Infectious Diseases, Sept. 2010

Mandating Influenza Vaccine: One Hospital's Experience
Medscape Infectious Diseases, Sept. 2010

New Research on the Timing of Vaccines and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes
Medscape Infectious Diseases, July 2010

A Social Responsibility to Get Vaccinated?
Medscape Infectious Diseases, July 2010

Dealing With Parents Who Want to Delay, Withhold, or Space Out Vaccinations
Medscape Infectious Diseases, July 2010


Doctor Punctures H1N1 Vaccine Fears
Talk of the Nation on National Public Radio, Oct. 12, 2009
Dr. Offit addresses the fears surrounding H1N1 influenza and the vaccine that could prevent it.

Reviewed by: Paul A. Offit, MD
Date: March 2013 

Materials in this section are updated as new information and vaccines become available. The Vaccine Education Center staff regularly reviews materials for accuracy.

You should not consider the information in this site to be specific, professional medical advice for your personal health or for your family's personal health. You should not use it to replace any relationship with a physician or other qualified healthcare professional. For medical concerns, including decisions about vaccinations, medications and other treatments, you should always consult your physician or, in serious cases, seek immediate assistance from emergency personnel.


Vaccine Exemption Media Call hosted by Every Child By Two
Vaccinate Your Baby website, July 24, 2012

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