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Evaluating Scientific Information and Studies

Sometimes, it’s difficult to sort out whether information is scientifically accurate or not. Here are some tips that might help:

Evaluating media reports

Most of us get our information about topics related to science through media outlets. Sometimes it can seem like new studies are being reported every day and at times they directly conflict with other reports. When evaluating a media report, whether it be on the Internet, in print or on television or radio, check for the following:

Evaluating scientific studies

Sound scientific studies have the following characteristics:

The best way to determine the strength of a study is to read the original paper. However, because most of us do not have the time or expertise to evaluate all scientific studies that are published each week, we rely on others, such as news outlets, to share accurate assessments with us. Therefore, these organizations should be held to high standards, and as consumers, we should assess each statement made in reports of scientific topics.

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